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The “Farm to Token” revenue-sharing program is designed to provide a unique investment opportunity that connects investors with agricultural projects. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Project Selection: CapitalTech identifies promising agricultural projects that align with its investment criteria. These projects could include farms, vineyards, orchards, or other agricultural ventures.

2. Revenue Sharing Agreement: CapitalTech enters into a revenue-sharing agreement with the agricultural project. This agreement outlines the terms under which investors will receive a share of the project’s revenue.

3. Tokenization: The revenue-sharing agreement is tokenized, which means it is converted into digital tokens that represent ownership in the agreement. These tokens are then offered for sale to investors on a blockchain platform.

4. Investment Opportunity: Investors can purchase these tokens, which entitle them to a portion of the revenue generated by the agricultural project. This provides investors with a direct stake in the success of the project.

5. Income Distribution: As the agricultural project generates revenue, CapitalTech distributes the income to token holders according to the terms of the revenue-sharing agreement. This allows investors to receive regular income from their investments.

The Farm to Token program offers investors a unique opportunity to invest in the agricultural sector while benefiting from the potential for regular income streams. It also provides agricultural projects with access to capital for growth and expansion.