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In addition to helping buyers finance their projects, we also HELP sellers EXPOSE their properties to a pool of investors actively seeking investment opportunities in real estate.

With buyers facing difficulties in obtaining traditional financing, it is crucial for sellers to explore alternative options that can facilitate successful transactions.

At CapitalTech we can offer innovative financing solutions that can help buyers secure the funds they need to purchase new projects, while also providing sellers with exposure to a pool of investors looking for such opportunities.


One of the primary challenges buyers face in today’s credit market is meeting the stringent requirements set by traditional lenders. Many potential buyers, even those with strong financial backgrounds, find it challenging to secure financing due to factors such as credit history, income verification, and down payment requirements. This can lead to delays or even cancellations of transactions, causing frustration for both buyers and sellers.


CapitalTech offers a solution to this problem through its innovative financing solutions. By working with CapitalTech, buyers can access a range of financing options tailored to their specific needs. These solutions include revenue-sharing agreements, preferred shares, and other creative financing structures that can help buyers secure the funds they need to purchase your property.


To facilitate this process, we would charge a one-time onboarding and marketing fee of $5,000. This fee covers the cost of setting up the financing structure and marketing the investment opportunity to potential buyers and investors.

We would be happy to discuss this opportunity with you further and explore how we can work together to achieve our mutual goals.