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Why invest in Real Estate Revenue sharing tokens?

Investing in REVENUE-SHARING tokens offers several benefits compared to directly owning preferred equity shares or real estate

Such as:

1. Liquidity: Revenue-sharing tokens can be bought and sold more easily than physical assets such as real estate. This liquidity allows investors to access their investment capital more quickly if needed.

2. Diversification: Revenue-sharing tokens can provide exposure to a diversified portfolio of assets, which can spread risk across different properties and markets.

3. Passive Income: Investors in revenue-sharing tokens can receive regular income distributions based on the revenue generated by the underlying assets. This income can be a source of passive income without the active involvement required in property management.

4. Long-Term Capital Gains: When investors sell their revenue-sharing tokens after holding them for more than one year, any capital gains realized from the sale may qualify for long-term capital gains tax treatment. This can result in lower tax rates compared to short-term capital gains.

5.No Management Hassles: Unlike direct ownership, investors in revenue-sharing tokens do not have to deal with the day-to-day management tasks such as property maintenance, tenant management, or rental collection. This can save time and effort for investors.

Overall, investing in revenue-sharing tokens can offer investors the potential for passive income, diversification, liquidity, and tax advantages compared to direct company ownership.