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CapitalTech provides capital and fundraising services, including:

1. CapitalTech LLC:  We focus on investing in infrastructure, energy, real estate, and tourism projects. 

2. Private Label Products: CapitalTech offers Revenue Sharing Agreements, Real Estate Syndication, and Bridge Loans. These products are designed to provide flexible financing options for businesses and real estate developers.

3. Blockchain Tokenization: CapitalTech leverages blockchain technology to tokenize its private label products, making them tradable on a blockchain. This provides liquidity and transparency to investors.

4.CapitalTech Connect: This platform serves as a digital marketplace for investors to access CapitalTech’s investment products and services. It also provides tools for managing investments and tracking performance.

Overall, CapitalTech aims to provide innovative financing solutions to businesses and investors, leveraging technology to enhance transparency and efficiency in the investment process.