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Invest in capital tech revenue share tokens 

We use blockchain to tokenize projects and generate smart contracts for project transactions. The platform also allows us to create a non-tokenized project that doesn’t require a blockchain transaction.

Accredited investors only 

Manage Your Private Portfolio of Revenue Sharing Agreements

Future Growth Potential:

The CapitalTech Fund is Offering Revenue Share Tokens (RSTs), Assets That Are Tokenized And Posted On A Blockchain. These RSTs Provide Investors With Several Key Benefits That Traditional Investments May Not Offer: Including Transparency, Liquidity, And Security. By Leveraging Blockchain Technology, CapitalTech Is At The Forefront Of A New Era In Investing, Offering Innovative Solutions That Cater To The Evolving Needs Of Modern Investors, LP.

Successful investing depends on thorough analysis, not whimsical prediction. CapitalTech believes good results in investing are the product of good thinking. The firm’s goal is to apply disciplined bottom-up analytical procedures, sophisticated legal and financial structures, and proactive asset management to transactions that possess a value-oriented investment thesis.

What is A CapitalTech Revenue Share Token?

A CapitalTech Revenue Share Token is a digital asset issued on a blockchain that represents a share of the revenue generated from a specific project or investment opportunity facilitated by CapitalTech.  When an investor purchases these tokens, they essentially acquire a portion of the future revenue generated by the underlying project.

Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Issuance: CapitalTech issues Revenue Share Tokens as digital tokens on a blockchain using smart contracts to automate the distribution of revenue shares.
  1. Investment: Investors can purchase these tokens using cryptocurrency or fiat currency.
  1. Revenue Sharing: As the underlying project generates revenue, a portion of that revenue is allocated to the holders of the Revenue Share Tokens. The percentage of revenue allocated to token holders is predefined and outlined in the terms of the token issuance.
  1. Distribution: The revenue is distributed to token holders automatically through the smart contract. This process ensures transparency and eliminates the need for manual distribution.
  1. Trading: Since these tokens are digital assets they can be traded on compatible exchanges and platforms that support the specific blockchain on which they are issued. This provides liquidity to investors who wish to buy or sell their tokens.
  1. Redemption: Depending on the terms of the token issuance, there may be a mechanism for redemption where investors can exchange their tokens for a predetermined value or a share of the project’s assets.

Overall, CapitalTech Revenue Share Tokens allow investors to participate in the revenue streams of specific projects or investments transparently and efficiently, leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.