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For Business Advisors

Strengthen Your Advising Services by Becoming a Referral Partner

 Did you know that CapitalTech partners with business advisors? We work with interim CFOs, lenders, turnaround and startup consultants, accountants, and attorneys, just to name a few. They all share a common goal: improving their clients’ financial position. CapitalTech collaborates closely with these advisors to tailor financial solutions that best suit their client’s needs.

Whether you’re working with a startup looking for growth funding or an established business facing financial challenges, CapitalTech is here to assist. We aim to be your go-to financial services partner, offering many benefits:

Expand Your Service Portfolio

Partnering with CapitalTech enables you to broaden your service offerings by providing alternative financing solutions to all your clients.

Join Our Network

By teaming up with CapitalTech, business advisors can diversify their service offerings, deliver more comprehensive solutions to their clients, and expand their professional network. Feel free to contact us to explore the many advantages of partnering with CapitalTech. Additionally, we offer a generous commission to all our referral sources. Make CapitalTech choice for alternative financing referrals.

For Investment Firms

Strengthen Your Investment Firm Offerings by Becoming a Referral Partner

 CapitalTech partners with Investment Firms, including Family Offices and Venture Capital firms, to offer alternative financing solutions to clients nationwide. Family Offices also recommend us to their clients who own businesses in need of alternative financing solutions.

Investment firms choose to work with CapitalTech for several practical reasons:

Capital Needs

When clients have reached their bank line of credit limit but require additional cash, some loan agreements permit revenue-sharing agreements. Our investment firm partners assess existing financial arrangements to optimize cash flow using our alternative financing solutions.

Lack of Collateral or Creditworthiness

Startups and certain businesses may lack the necessary collateral or traditional credit history for bank loans. CapitalTech’s programs may be able  to serve as a valuable resource for clients in such situations.

Speed and Efficiency

CapitalTech is renowned for its swift decision-making and funding processes. Investment firms turn to us when their clients require rapid access to capital, ensuring timely support for critical financial needs.

Investment firms often choose CapitalTech to complement their equity investments and address the diverse financing requirements of their clients. We invite you to contact us to explore the numerous advantages of partnering with CapitalTech. We offer a generous commission to all our referral sources, making CapitalTech your top choice for alternative financing referrals.

Get Generous Commissions on Funded Deals