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* We specialize in WORKING WITH entrepreneurial-owned businesses.

* We work with founders who want to significantly grow their businesses, offering them innovative capital solutions that allow them to meet their liquidity needs while retaining control of their company.

CapitalTech is a boutique firm dedicated to helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) raise the capital they need to grow and thrive. 

Our specialized services focus on innovative funding solutions that cater to the unique needs of SMEs, enabling them to secure financing through revenue-sharing agreements, preferred shares, and other tailored investment vehicles. 

At CapitalTech, we understand the challenges faced by SMEs in accessing traditional financing options, and we provide customized strategies to bridge this gap.  Our team of experienced professionals works closely with clients to understand their business goals and financial requirements. 

We leverage our industry knowledge and extensive network to connect SMEs with suitable investors, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. CapitalTech’s commitment to transparency, efficiency, and client success sets us apart as a trusted partner in the capital-raising process.

In addition to securing funding, CapitalTech actively promotes our clients post-financing by engaging our specialized digital marketing firm. This partnership helps increase client sales and enhances investor returns from revenue-sharing investments. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, CapitalTech empowers SMEs to achieve their growth objectives and reach new heights of success.



For Companies raising capital, Our unique infrastructure provides the essential human interface between your company and  global investors

"For over four decades, we have worked to form mutually beneficial arrangements that foster economic development, technological advancement, and job creation."

as a firm we align our services with the needs of businesses needing investment structuring and fundraising programs. our approach is client-centricity when determining the timeline and fees based on the project’s needs and the success of the capital-raising efforts.