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We help companies test the waters

We specialize in helping new and emerging companies test the waters for raising capital. Our unique approach allows businesses to gauge investor interest before committing to a full fundraising campaign. With our guidance, companies can navigate the complexities of the capital-raising process with confidence, maximizing their chances of success. Let us help you take the first step towards securing the funding your business needs to grow and thrive.”


“Test the Waters” represents pipeline assets that are in review and may represent potential future investments of the Fund but are subject to change and thus are subject to various risks that may ultimately prevent closing.

“Testing the Waters” is a unique process offered on our website that allows entrepreneurs to gauge investor interest in their project before committing to a full fundraising campaign. This process involves entrepreneurs sharing key details about their project, such as the business idea, market potential, and financial projections, with potential angel investors through our platform.

Entrepreneurs can create a profile and upload their project details, which are then made accessible to our network of angel investors. Investors can review these details and indicate their interest in potentially investing in the project. This process gives entrepreneurs valuable feedback on their project’s viability and attractiveness to investors, helping them refine their pitch and strategy before seeking formal investment.

“Testing the Waters” provides a low-risk way for entrepreneurs to explore financing options and connect with potential investors who are interested in early-stage projects. It also helps investors discover promising opportunities and engage with entrepreneurs whose projects align with their investment criteria.

Overall, “Testing the Waters” offers a valuable platform for entrepreneurs and investors to interact and explore potential partnerships, ultimately facilitating the growth and success of innovative

Test the Waters with these Companies

Electric Bikes
Electric Trucks
Bahamas Projects
Batch Plants

Investors interested in exploring these companies can email us today for more information